Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 4th December

Happy Tuesday to you!! Today’s an extra special Tuesday as we’re all celebrating the fact that the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are having a Baby!

What lovely news! We’re thrilled to bits for them, as I’m sure you are too. On todays show we decided to commemorate this news by creating our very own Royal baby name generator! Mine is Princess Hart Luise Helena the 4th. TOTES RAH or what?! Obviously we got you involved, here’s a small selection of yours….
Nina  - I'm Princess Prichard Yurrick the 3rd and my daughter is princess Harkum Samantha the 2nd ...
Amy - Prince Munroe James Peter the 2nd.

Plus have a listen below to one of our favourites!

Sophie's Royal Baby Name
If you fancy finding out what your Royal Baby name would be, you can do exactly that here!
And JK had issues on todays show. Well, when doesn’t he? Today his issue was with his girlfriend, and her choice of outfit….for a late night trip to the Garage to get food! I like what she’s wearing, she looks nice & snug, and besides – it’s only a trip to the petrol station! JK even suggested that he should have walked a few steps behind her as he was embarrassed by what she’s wearing!! He’s just a big meanie. Your thoughts on lovely Charlie’s outfit included these little gems….
Dave: If you wore it you would look like a ewok
Amanda: She looks great thought she had pyjamas on and curlers in
And I’m with Leanna on this one….
Leanna: She looks lovely and maybe she was walking in front of him cos of what he was wearing!!!!! Xx
FYI – He was wearing his Elf outfit. Probably.
Lucy xxx