Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 10th October

Hello! It’s the Hump of the Week! Also known as Wednesday… How’s your week going so far? Last night, I decided to do some rearranging. It all started when I shifted a dining table downstairs, then decided I wanted to change my whole bedroom around! I tell you what though, it was worth it. My bedroom looks lovely & I slept better than I have in ages. Happy house, happy head & all that.

On the show today we did JK & Lucy’s SouthCoast Survey….and it was all about SHOWERING & SHARFING. (that’s a shower in the bath, for those of you not in the know). We discovered that 96% of all women specifically choose which shampoo or shower gel they choose every morning…whereas pretty much 100% of all men just use whatever’s there….SHOCKER. Naaaaht.

Plus – after Aussie Nige’s monumental mess up with the letter ‘U’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz, we decided to punish him. So after yesterdays show, Nige had to walk LOTS of Dogs. Did we mention he’s not exactly canine compatible?

Today we reached the letter ‘W’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz….and Aussie Nige managed to mess up…AGAIN. This time, he overbooked! So we got the brilliant Warwick Davis AND actual real life WHIGFIELD! She’s got a new single coming out, she still looks incredible too! Check out her new video, plus Whigfields official website right here 

As for the fabulous Warwick, you can hear his full chat with us on Saturday breakfast – believe me, it’s well worth listening out for. There’s lots of laughs & he tells us all about the new series of An Idiot Abroad, plus possibly the best I-Phone App you could EVER wish to own.

We’re back tomorrow from 6, have a lovely day!

Lucy xxx