Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 12th December

Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday already, and there’s just 13 sleeps left until Christmas! Every morning, when I’m driving in & it’s pitch black, I get even more excited about Christmas when I see all of the beautiful lights on the trees, it’s just lovely. It’s freezing though! -3 this morning, brrr!

On this morning’s show we chatted about what we thought was potentially the best Christmas advent calender ever! Seems most of you agreed, check it out here!

We also talked about how there’s always one of you in a relationship that does this….the answer being DAWDLE!! It’s something that JK noticed when he was at Winchester Christmas Market this weekend. JK & Nige’s wife Princess went striding ahead of the rest of the group, with Nige & JK’s girlfriend DAWDLING behind! It’s not just walking though according to you….
Ellie – ‘I lost my boyfriend while we were Christmas shopping in John Lewis for a whole HOUR last week. He was lagging behind as usual, it was really busy, and all of a sudden I turned around & he’d disappeared!’
Chris is defending you dawdlers…
‘It's not dawdling is called leisurely walking and at least you can take in the scenery unlike you fast walkers! :)’
And Laura’s ‘dawdling’ story is classic –
‘I once arrived on a train at Waterloo station, and only realised we’d arrived when everyone else had got off & I was suddenly on an empty train. I’d been there for at least 5 minutes before noticing. Embarrassing!’
We gave away another Now That’s What I Call Christmas – you can win tomorrow by telling us which festive song our in house band, Elf-vis & the Elfettes are singing. Today it was a rather lengthy rendition of ‘Mistletoe & Wine’. Cliff is WELL JEALOUS.

See you tomorrow morning from 6, when there’ll only be 12 SLEEPS TO SANTA!!!
Lucy xxx