Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 21st November

Hurrah – we’ve reached the hump of the week, it’s Wednesday! How are you today? Hopefully your mood is better than this disgusting weather! All I wanted to do was stay in bed this morning, as the rain battered against my bedroom window. I’m guessing you felt the same!

On todays show, we were talking about friends. Or should that be former friends, given the subject matter? First of all, JK faced a dilemma. His mate sent him an early Christmas present, which he OPENED. Tut Tut JK. It’s just as well he did though, as it was a Gold necklace!!! Pahahahahaha!! JK & I were both in agreement (for once) that Gold should only be worn by girls, rappers & men over a certain age. The question is though, what does JK do with his unwanted gift? Here’s what you had to say on the touchy subject…..
Karen – Can’t you just say that as you have got older you seem to have become allergic to gold or metals and it gives you a nasty rash! Lets face it nobody wants to give their friend a rash!
Lisa – JK, you can have the chain coated in silver, that way as you and the chain age, the silver will wear off and you'll have a ready made grandad chain. Or you could just tell your mate you dont wear gold and ask him to change it......
Lesley - Just get a camel coat and ur away! Del Boy! mange tout mange tout! Nice gold chain?! Ha Lesley of lordswood x
We also talked about Aussie Niges friend Bethany’s shocking confession. In the entire time he’s known her, she’s kept this secret from their circle of friends. Only her Husband and parents knew about this….she’s NOT a natural RED HEAD!!! The thing is, when she revealed this to them all, they all promised to NEVER tell anyone. What does Aussie Nige do? Tells the entire South Coast. Good one Nige, good one.
Finally – we had a rifle through our handbag & manbags. Just for fun. JK’s was very organised & rather dull, Niges was empty, and my handbag is, well, completely disorganised, chaotic & messy! We concluded that the content of our bags provide a good indication into our minds. It’s pretty spot on to be fair. To see what we carry around with us every day (on person & in our heads), head to our facebook page here and have your say…
We’re back tomorrow from 6 – see you then!
Lucy xxx