Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 28th November

Happy Hump Day! How are you today lovelies? Hope all is wonderful in your world. Yesterday after the show, we went to Bournemouth.

We popped in to see our friend Alison at StreetWise, which is a brilliant place that teaches kids all about safety. Whether it’s on the roads, in the house, even at the beach, they’ve got it covered. Plus, it makes learning about being streetwise fun! We literally became children again when we looked around. It’s well worth it. Have a look here & see what you think….
We also paid a visit to our lovely Newshound, Katie Callaghan. She hasn’t been on the show recently as she crashed her car last week & is currently recovering from some nasty, but thankfully not too serious injuries. Of course I baked cake to cheer her up, and apparently the Turkish Delight Brownies went down a treat. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow so you can try them for yourself! The great news is, Katie’s doing really well, she’s made of stronger stuff than we thought, and she’s resting up lots, being looked after by her Daddy. Aww.
On todays show, we asked what could potentially be a very awkward question….What one thing would you change about your other half?
Shanel - The fact that he loves Justin bieber and so freely announces it...whilst donning an identical hair cut to JB. Eurghhhh
Cassie - His inability to put things in the bin or washing basket xx
Natalie  - his bank balance
Lorraine - my hubbys snoring to!! We end up sleeping separately because of it!! Not good when your newly married haha!!
Nikki’s - found a way of utilising her other halves snoring in a useful way….  ‘On the plus side I have done all my christmas present shopping online whilst lying awake’ – BRILLIANT!
We’re back tomorrow from 6, with more of your advice for Aussie Nige & his UK Citizenship test. Will he get 75% and get to stay here? With your help, he might just scrape through!
See you then,
Lucy xxx