Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 31st October

Happy Halloween!!! Mwahahahahahaha and all that. Today we’ve been playing a little Halloween game with you – yesterday I spent the afternoon buying, gutting & carving Pumpkins. It took ages, and my shoulders are really aching today! I very much enjoyed it though, sticking knives in pumpkins is rather therapeutic.

I created the Heart family of Pumpkins. But which one’s me, which one’s JK & which one’s Aussie Nige? Hmm. Can guess who’s who! Plus check out all the pic's here

Also - Today we asked you – what’s the least Halloweeny thing you’re doing today? We then tried to make it more halloweeny for you! 

Do you think it worked with Stacey's? 

Stacey's day made Halloweeny

We also had the lovely Dawn French on the show today – if you missed the chat, check it out here!

See you tomorrow, have a very Happy Halloween!

Lucy xxx