Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 3rd October

Hurrah – it’s the Hump Of The Week! Welcome to Wednesday! Is anyone else already starting to hibernate for Winter already? It’s only just Autumn, but this week I’ve had the open fire burning every night, I’ve been cooking Beef Casserole & baking, and last night found myself crooning Take That’s ‘Babe’ into a Wooden spoo

On today's show we learned that the most annoying sound in Aussie Nige’s house is his knocking water pipes whenever he turns on the shower – this has been going on for months…unfixed, which got us thinking…

That EVERYONE has an ever increasing to-do list, you know, the jobs you always MEAN to do but don’t…we called Adrian for his other half Joanne. She’s desperate for him to sort out bleeding the radiator in the en suite bathroom. Poor Joanne has been getting up early, and going into a FREEZING shower room for like, the last century. Call yourself a man Adrian? Go & get a radiator key. They’re cheap & effective, and more importantly, FIX THE PROBLEM! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a smile from the wife rather than a grunt next time you tell her you love her. See – we don’t just fix your household problems on this show, we also provide marriage counselling. That last part may have been a lie.

Have a listen here to how Adrian reacted to our call: JK & Lucy's Friendly to do list reminder service

It was a Wonderful Wednesday of Winning too! (check out the alliteration there, impressive).

Matt from Portsmouth has got himself an Annual pass to Merlin Attractions for his whole family, meaning he can go to Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland & loads more as many times as he likes, for an ENTIRE YEAR! Your turn tomorrow….

Also – we’re sending a very excitable Debbie to go & see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live next Friday. She was so chuffed, she could barely speak. It could be you tomorrow!

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard (or live under a rock), JK’s got a sore back, and he’s in a bad mood. Pretty much standard behaviour from the wee man. It’ll be ok though, as Amanda’s offered to hang him upside down to stretch his back. I’ve also asked her to swing him around her head as she does it, I’ve heard that helps too. ;)

Have a fab Wednesday you lot,

Love Lucy xxx