Monday 15th October

Hiya, yes it’s Monday already! How was your weekend then? I had a pre-birthday celebration in Manchester, it was LOVELY. We all went for dinner at a fab Greek restaurant, I was spoiled rotten with a Jo Malone candle & perfume, & my mate Stu even baked an Oreo cookie cake! It was delicious!

On Sunday night were you one of the 8 million who were all transfixed to YouTube? What a man Felix Baumgartner is! In case you didn’t know, he broke the speed of sound record after hitting Mach 1.24 as he plummeted from Earth from 128 thousand feet! What I didn’t realise, as I was enthralled watching him fall from the skies, is that underneath his suit & helmet…there’s a VERY good looking man! He’s a stunner. Enjoy this pic…thank me later.

Pilot Felix Baumgartner

On today's show  - We asked – what annoys you about yourself? I narrowed my annoyances down to 3 from a VERY long list…here’s some of yours!
Jenny - I am so clumsy like yesterday i dropped a bottle of vinegar on my toe ouch!!
Kelly -  I spend too much time on facebook.
Shelley - Constantly repeating myself at my daughter in the morning!
And on the A-Z Of Showbiz, we reached the letter ‘Y’…..and ALL of us fulfilled a life long dream…..’Y’ stood for Diane Youdale aka…..JET from Gladiators!!! Amazing. You can listen to all of our interviews online at – can’t believe it’s the last one tomorrow!
Have a fab day, see you from 6am!
Lucy xxx