Monday: A Brand New Game!

You may or may not remember an old TV game show called Cheggers Plays Pop. Well as soon as we realised that you could replace the world 'Cheggers' with 'Preggers' we just KNEW, we had to make a game out of it...

Because of course, what more of an excuse do you need to create a game, than if the title rhymes with Zoe's current pregnant state. 

Producer Ryan was tasked with creating a cheap knock-off theme tune, in which he excelled (he may or may not be writing this himself) and then rest, they say is history.

It took about 17 minutes to set up and Zoe answered the question in roughly 4 seconds, so all in all, a brilliant quiz.

If that hasn't left you wanting to listen to the quiz below, I just don't know what will!

Monday 21st Jan - Preggers Plays Pop!