Our favourite TOP 10 Lists at 7am

Every morning, at 7am we unveil another Top 10 List, check out some of our favourite Top 10 list's and let us know below if you agree with what makes the top 10!

Top Ten: Things that women do to annoy men:

1) Helpfully remind men to do stuff (ie nagging)
2) Take ages to get ready
3) Constantly tidy, put things away
4) They don't enjoy watching sport
5) Never say exactly what they're thinking
6) Ask men how they look
7) Can't watch a film in silence
8) Ask what you're thinking all the time
9) Talk too much
10) Can't read maps

Top Ten Things you'd do if you Won the lottery

1) Pay off mortgage
2) Buy a yacht
3) Travel around the world
4) Help out the family
5) Buy a new car
6) Invest it
7) Have a celeb like Celine Dion play at my house
8) Buy a jet
9) Throw a massive party
10) Have plastic surgery

Top Ten: Weird Phobias

1) Clowns (coulrophobia)
2) Buttons
3) Work (Ergasiophobia)
4) Nudity (Gymnophobia)
5) The Fear of the Pope (Papaphobia)
6) Friday the 13th (Paraskavedekatriaphobia)
7) Peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (Arachibutyrophobia)
8) Being Tickled by Feathers (Pteronophobia )
9) Boogeyman (Bogyphobia)
10) The French (Francophobia)

TOP 10 Gestures Men Do To Say They're Sorry

1- Give her flowers
2- Cook a romantic meal
3- Clean up the house
4- Get her a gift
5- Buy her jewellery
6- Make her a personalised CD or playlist
7- Finally give her something she's dropped hints about
8- Apologise with a message on the radio
9- Apologise on a social network site
10- Watch a movie she likes but they can't stand

TOP 10 Embarrassing things men do to impress women!

1. Tell Lies
2. Sing (especially outside bedroom window)
3. Pretend to be sportier than they are
4. Pretend they can dance
5. Try to lift something much to heavy
6. Spend more money than they can actually afford
7. Show off your muscles
8. Act tough
9. Flirt with other women
10. Try performing in public / showing off

Top 10 Food Combinations

1. Fish and Chips
2. Curry and Rice
3. Burger and Fries
4. Cheese and Tomato
5. Spaghetti and Meatballs
6. Bacon & Egg
7. Strawberries & cream
8. Tuna and Onion sauce
9. Tortilla and Salsa
10. Salt and Pepper

Top 10 Things we can not live with out according to London's Science Museum survey.

1. Sunshine
2. Internet connection
3. Clean drinking water
4. Fridge
5. Facebook
6. NHS
7. Cooker
8. Email
9. Flushing toilet
10. Mobile phone / smartphone

Top 10 Greatest Movies of all time

1) The Shawshank Redemption
2) The Godfather
3) Pulp Fiction
4) Schindler's List
5) The Dark Knight
6) Inception
7) Stars Wars
8) One flew over the Cookoo's Nest
9) Casablanca
10) Silence of the Lambs

Top Ten: Worst Foods

1) Brussel Sprouts
2) Turnips
3) Liver
4) Aniseed
5) Tripe
6) Sweetbreads
7) Tapioca
8) Marmite
9) Cassoulet
10) Eyes

Top Ten: Worst first Date locations

1) Your Parent's house
2) The Cinema
3) A Football match
4) For a Spicy meal
5) To your untidy flat
6) Extreme Sports Day
7) Museums
8) Boating
9) Out to the pub with an ex
10) Abroad

Top Ten: Favourite Smells

1) Freshly bread
2) Freshly mowed grass
3) Freshly ground coffee
4) Vanilla
5) Coffee
6) Fresh Flowers
7) Popcorn
8) Candy Floss
9) Washing Powder
10) Petrol

Top Ten: Cartoon Characters

1) Homer Simpson
2) Bugs Bunny
3) Stewis Griffin
4) Scooby Doo
5) Jessica Rabbit
6) Snoopy
7) Super Mario
8) Mickey Mouse
9) Spongebob Squarepants
10) Jerry (But not Tom)

Top 10: Groups you would like to see reform

1) S Club 7
2) Busted
3) Five
4) Eternal
5) Atomic Kitten
6) All Saints
7) B*witched
8) Mis-teeq
9) East 17
10) 911

Top 10: Ways to compliment a woman

1) Notice a change
2) Her best feature
3) Her smell
4) Her kissing
5) Her intelligence
6) She's thin
7) Her uniqueness or special qualities
8) Her specific ability
9) Her integrity or personality
10) Her superlative beauty

Top 10: Phrases Women Repeatedly Use on Men

1) We need to talk
2) There's something you should know
3) Whatever
4) Do you know what day it is today?
5) I'll be five minutes
6) Do not start with me
7) You sound just like your father
8) It's not you, it's me
9) Let's be friends
10) I wouldn't expect you to understand

Top Ten: Ways To Make A Woman Smile

1) Buy her flowers
2) Pay her a compliment
3) Cook her a meal
4) Propose
5) Tell her she's better looking than her sister
6) Kiss her for no reason
7) Put you own pants in the laundry basket
8) Surprise her with a trip away
9) Breakfast in bed
10) Take her shopping

Top Ten: Ultimate Meals

1) Roast beef dinner
2) Spaghetti bolognaise
3) Chicken korma
4) Pizza
5) Chilli con carne
6) Toad in the hole
7) Bangers and Mash
8) Macaroni cheese
9) Full English breakfast
10) Chow Mein

Top Ten: Ways to keep yourself warm in winter

1) Cuddling up to a loved one (or a stranger, which takes your fancy)
2) Chucking a log on the roaring fire
3) Wearing tights under jeans
4) Aerobics
5) Cayenne, ginger and cinnamon. Cayenne pepper has the unique ability to heat you up. Cinnamon and ginger also increase circulation.
6) Hot drinks – hot chocolate, hot toddies etc
7) Make your own thermal undies - you can use some Teflon and copper wire connected to a battery.
8) Stop smoking, it slows down your circulation.
9) Go to Barbados
10) Electric blanket

Top Ten: Things you'll never hear a man say

1) I think we're lost
2) While I'm up can I get you anything?
3) I wish her boobies were a bit smaller
4) Here, let me cook you dinner and tidy up.
5) Can we just cuddle?
6) We never talk anymore.
7) I really want to hang out with your parents
8) What colour is that eyeshadow? It looks great on you.
9) Have you seen my unicorn notebook around?
10) Does anyone want to come to the bathroom with me?