Tuesday: Popping 'the' question!

Tuesday 15th Jan

If you've ever got down on one knee, or had the question asked to yourself personally, you'll know how scary and stressful it can be. But how long did you have to wait from your first date to the proposal?

Dan's girlfriend has pointed out the engagement ring she would like, they've been together for 3 years and he's still not popped the question. Is that normal?

He says he 'can take it in his own time.' Zoe reckons he's just a little bit scared.

Michelle won caller of the morning by taking the Craig David lyric to another level, have a listen back to how quickly she got engaged below!

Tuesday 15th - The quickest ever engagement

We were also joined by star of Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen, Michelle Roux Jr this morning. Zoe flaunted her crisp sandwich-making skills and Michelle offered his  top culinary tips, you can listen back here.

Highlight of the last 24 hours

Dan - "I completed a Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meal, in 37 minutes!"

Pregnant Zoe - "I realised it was just a glass of water I'd knocked over in the middle of the night, as opposed to thinking my baby was on it's way!"

On Tomorrow's Show:

What makes you feel posh? Maybe it's as simple as cutting the crusts off your sarnie or buying ironing water, text it over, 82122, start with south.

And finally...