Tuesday: Ryan gets himself a Valentine

Meet Ryan who works on Heart Breakfast.

Your (very) average, young, single, happy go chappy.

When asked by Dan to sing a song to his Valentine, he of course didn't have anyone to sing to. So naturally, he sang a song about his love for chicken pot noodles.

However, this is where it steps up a gear as listener Sophie text in declaring her love for chicken pot noodles and also happened to mention that she was single for Valentine's Day too.

Have a listen below to the moment these two lovebirds met for the first time...

Think you might need to start thinking about buying a hat!

Tuesday 12th Feb - Ryan gets himself a Valentine

We also called Zoe on the show this morning, she was over the moon to tell us - she's had a little baby girl!

Lois Betsy Hanson, beautiful isn't she! :)

Lois Betsy Hanson