What Kids Today Will Never Know

Phone Boxes and TeleText!

This Morning On The New Heart Breakfast Rich & Zoe with The South Coast compiled the Top 10 of 'What Kids Today Will Never Know'


1) How frustrating it is to miss your page on Teletext!!! 


2) How frustrating it is when you taped over The Bill! 


3) Your mum giving you 2p for the phone box to give her three rings when you got there safe!


4) Waiting for your holiday pics to develop!  


5) Having to copy notes from an OHP! 


6) Watching a gig without filming it!


7) Wearing your vest and Y-Fronts for P.E. 


8) Listening to the internet dial up sound!


9) Rewinding your music with a pencil!


10) AND kids today will never get to know the joy of buying 10 sweets for 10p!