Zoe's Midlife Crisis!

Zoe On A Tractor

Zoe's been put through all the stages of a #MidLifeCrisis this week (much against her will).






Day 1 - When Zoe Took On 24 Gears


Rich told Zoe she was getting a set of new wheels for her Mid-Life Crisis,she wasn't expecting this! 


Zoe's New Wheels #MidLife Crisis


Day 2 - When Zoe 'Found Herself'


Rich sent Zoe to the Yoga Sanctuary in Southampton to 'Find Herself'. Oh, and she's now called 'Shaktimar'!


Zoe Yoga

Zoe 'Finding Herself' #MidLifeCrisis


Day 3 - When Zoe Met Gok


Worried about Zoe's image, Rich sent her off for some fashion advice from Gok Wan!


Zoe and Gok

Zoe Gets Fashion Advice From Gok! #MidLifeCrisis

Day 4 - When Rich Sent Zoe On The Holiday Of A Lifetime


Zoe got dropped on the new forest - not quite the world tour she was hoping for!


Zoe Holiday


Zoe's Holiday Of A Life Time #MidLifeCrisis