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Friday 9th November 

"And now, the end is here and so we face the final curtain...." So, we made it! What a week! We have loved filling in for JK and Lucy this week; thank you so much for lending us your ears and getting involved with the show.

On today's show we got nosey and asked you what question do you always get asked? and more pertinently, what is your answer?
Danielle said this: "Since I have married every day i am asked by someone "how's married life treating you?" My response every time.... "Pretty much the same as it was before". Sarah.... You will understand the frustration soon, the novelty of the question wears off after like a week!"

I'm bracing myself Danielle!

Jessica had this to say on the matter:

"I have b/g twins, and I always get are they identical????? Errrr no because they are a boy and a girl so far from identical .. Which is often followed up by 'I don't get it..!' Hmmm! Have a good day heart x"

Dan used to get asked what time he has to get up (when he's on breakfast) but more recently it's become "When are you going to propose?" His response? "mind your own business";(
And of course, Aussie Nigel gets asked if he's from Australia. Can you guess his response? 

We made a DREAM come true for Trish when she won tickets to Heart's Love Music Live with Alicia Keyes. Not only will it be her FIRST EVER GIG but also her FIRST TRIP TO LONDON! Whooooop! We are so pleased you won Trish. Have a wonderful time.

Also winning on today's show was Sharon who is taking her family to get festive on us at the Victorian Festival Of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Sharon: get that shopping started while your there!

The highlight of today's show today for me though, was talking to Jay (yummy mop top), Max (yummy buzz cut) and Siva (yummy short, back and sides) from The Wanted. They dished the dirt in our interrogation entitled "The Wanted's Most Wanted". You can hear highlights at

Right, we are off like out of date milk. Have a wonderful weekend guys and gals. Normal service resumes on Monday at 6am.......

Thursday 8th November

So, It's nearly our last day here on Heart Breakfast on the South Coast. BOO. BUT today was a STONKER of a show if we say so ourselves.

I proved once again, that I can spout rubbish about pretty much anything but if you think you can stump me, then have a go tomorrow at the top of the show.

We found out what it is that REALLY bugs you. Top of the list are self service checkouts. Lovely Dan, who you'd think wouldn't get annoyed about anything, gets right testy when he has to queue. And his trainer beard is bugging the bejesus out of him too (very itchy, apparently).

We had a fantastic response to our question "What of item that you own have you seen on TV?"

On our Facebook page, Sharon said: I hate to admit this, but many years ago Pat Butcher wore the same blouse as me, that went straight to the back of the wardrobe never to make an appearance again!

Also Abi said: Rachel from glee wore my top and skirt from H and M!!!

And Kelly's got the same canvas print in her house as Ian Beale has! Dodgy, Kelly. VERRRY dodgy;(.

But by far away my favourite on the text was this from Hannah:

My sheep mug from Asda in waterloo road. My daughter is so excited she refuses to delete the episode!

As ever, we plied you with AMAZING STUFF! Karen is taking her family to a Victorian Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard GRATIS, with even lunch thrown in and Kelly bagged tickets to Heart's Love Music Live with Alicia Keyes. You guys are SPOILT.
More of both to win on tomorrow's show.

We are BACK tomorrow at 6am with a MASSIVE dose of That Feel Good Friday Feeling and the tunes to match. See you there.

Wednesday 7th November

So, the Hump-Day is done! It's all downhill til the weekend now kidzzzz:).
This morning Dan and Aussie Nige tested the theory that I can pretty much chat about ANYTHING at length. 
They came up with "Hydrangeas". Well, all I'll say is, don't get me started on my garden...... 
Have a listen again here if you missed it first time around  (and you want to know how to change your hydrangea from pink to blue;)).
We also talked about standards slipping in your relationships. Dan is most upset that his other half has started burping in front of him. Is that all she does??? You lot (and me for that matter) are WAY worse! 
Tess told us she used to fudge the details of her midwifery to her boyfriend when they first got together but now? Not so much. Especially now they have their own baby on the way! Awwwww. Congrats guys.
Lauren on Facebook says her partner used to text her Good Morning but that's all stopped and Kylie May USED to get breakfast in bed. Nice while it lasted eh Kylie?
We also gave away some great prizes today: tickets to A Victorian Festival of Christmas at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard AND Heart's Love Music Live with Alicia Keys: don't say we don't SPOIL your little tushes;).
Back tomorrow with more top flight broadcasting on Heart South Coast: We want to know about the times you've seen something of yours on TV: like Holly Willoughby wearing a frock you own or someone's house in Location Location Location with the same wall paper as you. Let us know, below! I keep noticing my metal hanging heart tea light holder in various properties on the box. And to think I thought it was quite individual! *common*;).

We're on air tomorrow at 6am, join us then...

Tuesday 6th November
It's day 2 of my week here at Heart South Coast and today I was joined by Drivetime's Dan Mills. A man who, I discovered this morning, ALWAYS goes to fancy dress parties as Sherlock Holmes.... (?).
We talked about killer exercises. Dan's not a fan of jumping lunges, I'm not a fan of plank although I seem to be doing a lot of it at the moment trying to tone my mum tum in time for my wedding in 3 weeks:  eeeek! Rachel on our Facebook page reckons spinning is heinous and Aussie Nige hates burpies (look 'em up)....but by far and away my favourite was from Julie Lockwood on the text who's least favourite exercise is........(drum roll please).....
GETTING UP OFF THE COUCH! I hear ya sista;).
So, Dan and I are in for JK and Lucy all week with lots of juicy stuff for you to win, including tickets to Heart's Love Music Live with Alicia Keyes. Don't say we don't spoil you:-).
Make sure you tune in tomorrow to find out whether Dan's hunch that I can talk at length about PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING for minutes at a time, is true.