Charity song in memory Somerset teenager

A song written and performed by a Somerset teenager who took his own life last month, has been released to raise cash for charity.

17 year old Dave Hart from Wells died on the 17th of November this year. His older brother Steve HAS BEEN SPEAKING TO HEART about their efforts to raise cash for Papyrus, a charity which aims to prevent young suicides.

He said 'in the Uk around 1500 young people kill themselves each year. Many of these suicides could be prevented with appropriate care provided by charities like Papyrus.We are releasing the song my brother recorded last year on itunes and will give all the money raised to the charity. The more sales we can achieve the more we can increase awareness of teen suicide and how it can be prevented. Our brother Dave was a fantastic musician and songwriter and we are deeply saddened that his talent has gone to waste, We have managed to find the a recording he wrote with his school friend. The song is called 'home' and is simply outstanding.'

Watch a youtube video of the song below or download it from itunes by CLICKING HERE.