Somerset: PM Says Dredging Will Happen On The Levels

29 January 2014, 13:08 | Updated: 29 January 2014, 13:09

Car in Somerset flood

Somerset County Council has welcomed the Prime Minster's announcement in the House of Commons that he supports dredging on the Somerset Levels as a huge boost.

Mr Cameron made his comment in the House during Prime Minister’s Questions. He said: ''Dredging will start again as soon as it is practical.'' 

His comment was welcomed by Somerset County Council Leader John Osman. ''This is just what we wanted to hear from the PM,'' he said. 

''We have lobbied hard to get national attention, we are in a Major Incident due to the extent and length of time that much of the county is flooded. ''Now we have the PM behind us, people can start to believe that real action, dredging the rivers, sorting the drainage systems, protecting our communities will really happen. I am delighted to hear this.''