Huge Cuts For Somerset

Somerset County Council say the county faces massive cuts to cope with a drop in funding from the government and it's level of debt.

15 hundred jobs look set to go, that's just over a quarter of the council's workforce. The leader Ken Maddock admits that some of those redundancies will be compulsory:

“This is sad,” he said. “But we will try to keep these to the minimum level. Inevitably there will be pain as a result of the decisions we have to take.”

Major building projects will also be canceled, including a new school in Yeovil and the pedestrianisation of Taunton Town center.

Local libary services will also be scaled back, many facing reduced opening hours whilst the library in Bruton will close altogether.

Two thirds of County owned farms look likely to be sold.

The county council's share of council tax will be frozen, whilst a private company will be brought in to help new businesses using council owned workspace.

You can hear a full interview with Cllr Maddock by clicking the link on the right.