Muchelney: Floating Pontoon Helps Villagers

27 January 2014, 13:23 | Updated: 27 January 2014, 13:30

Pontoon in flooded Muchelney

Somerset County Council has funded the installation of a 200 metre long ‘pontoon-footpath’ to keep flood-stricken villagers and school children dry and out of flood water as they walk to work and school.

The pontoon stretches along part of the flooded Langport to Muchelney road. Deputy Leader of Somerset County Council, Cllr David Hall, said:

“We are funding this pontoon along with the humanitarian boat service so the community in this area is not isolated and can go about their normal lives. 
Pontoon in flooded Muchelney
Local business ABP in Langport had been supporting local residents by allowing them to walk across their property to reach the humanitarian boat service until Somerset County Council could provide an alternative means of pedestrian access. Cllr Hall added:

“This has been an extremely tough period for flood-hit communities across Somerset and we need action and support from Government to prevent this happening again. We would like to thank all the businesses and members of the public who have offered their help and support.”

A company called ‘Pontoonworks’ who has offices in Somerton and specialise in the installation of pontoons that make ‘access over water simple and safe’, constructed the pontoon.