Scams in Somerset

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Taunton says they've seen an increase in complaints about phishing. That's where we're conned by email into handing over things like our bank details and passwords.

These are very convincing emails claiming to be from an organisation you may deal with, a bank etc and asking you to confirm your personal account information, passwords etc.  This is so the operators can steal your identity and run up bills or commit crimes in your name.  Do not reply and do not click on the link in the message either.

Below are a list of Somerset's most popular scams provided by the CAB...


Don’t dial 090 numbers unless you are sure what you will be charged and you are willing to pay that. In principle, you shouldn’t have to pay for a ‘prize’.

Money Laundering

Never give out bank details to individuals asking to deposit money in your account temporarily, (usually a hard luck story from someone appearing to be in poverty in Africa.)  Your account can be cleaned out.


Notices appear on telegraph poles etc offering work for a small deposit and paying you in forged or stolen cheques which are worthless. 

Dating Agencies

Online dating is now very popular and one scam is the foreign ‘bride’ where individuals express an interest in coming to the UK for love, ask for the flight money up front, and then fail to arrive.

Investment Opportunities

Often offered by phone. Stop and check with the Financial Services Authority first on 0845 6061234 if the company is authorised to offer financial advice and investment.