Friday 21st May Blog

We’re VERY excited this week, only a week to go before Sex and the City hits our cinema screens!

Yes, I can hardly wait, I guess men will have to take their other halves to watch it, so they can get away with watching the world cup next month!

Come on Ian, you love Sex and the City – you even did the quiz!

Oh yeah, we’ve got a quiz on the website, where you can find out which Sex and the City character you’re like

Yes, and I’m like Carrie, apparently I’m a girl about town who loves shopping! That’s very true

Er, yes, and I’m Miranda, a no-nonsense kind of girl, a bit cynical, and apparently men are scared of me!

Hahaha! Don’t forget you can have a go at the quiz while you’re on the website, and win loads of goodies as we celebrate Sex and the City 2, which is at the cinema next Friday 28th May!