The Muppets

He is the most famous green frog in the world, and so it was a great privilege to have Kermit the Frog and Pepe the Prawn on the show.

They say kiss a frog, and he turns into a Prince but it seems Paulina took that a little too literally. 

Listen and Paulina and Kermit flirting

London is a great city for the family; sightseeing, theatre shows and of course shopping. But what is there for a frog and prawn to do in our capital city?

Listen to Kermit and Pepe's plans for their London adventure.

Ed, Troy and Paulina always like to look good, keeping up a extensive beauty regime.

Listen to Pepe reveal his secret to looking good.

Not to be overshadowed by Kermit, Pepe the Prawn is from a school of spanish Hollywood stars.

Listen to Pepe talk about his move from Spain to Hollywood.