Thursday 17th June

This morning we were talking about bribing out partners! Apparently women are likely to get money or presents from their other half if they let them watch the football. We asked how you bribe your partner or what your partner gives you if you don’t moan when they watch something like the football on the TV! It seems we all do it! We also heard from James Corden, who’s very happy that his footie song is number 1 in the Big Top 40 chart. Also, we talked about yesterdays school dinners. We visited Lyngford Park Primary School in Taunton, and they cooked us a gorgeous roast dinner! It was just like going to visit mum on a Sunday. We followed it up with flapjack. It really was an amazing meal, thanks to the teachers, cooks and pupil Levi, who asked us to visit! Check out the pictures, and apply for us to visit your school while you’re on the website.