A Soggy Plaster On The Floor

27 January 2010, 15:06 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

I decided to take my 2 youngest children swimming this morning and also invited the M.I.L (that’s the mother in law)! So we arrived at the pool where the receptionist tells me that the baby pool is closed. I ring my wife to collect our daughter as she's only 5 months old and the big pool would be too cold.

So the 3 of us proceed to the changing rooms where the M.I.L starts to take over and whisks my son off to get changed getting him all excited about his new armbands which she's letting him believe she brought (she didn’t, I did). I'm left with putting all the clothes into a locker which I load up, put the money in and realise there’s no key!! So out it all comes. Eventually we all walk through to the pool area only to be greeted by a soggy plaster on the floor…..nice! I’m never that bothered about going swimming, but afterwards you always feel it was worthwhile, and as im always told by one person or another, “swimming uses every muscle in your body”.

In the car on the way home I’m moaning about how dirty it was in there, the plaster, the floors etc to which the M.I.L replied "terrible isn’t it”, anyway hurry up home I think my nicotine patch must of come unstuck in the water”!