Up To 100 Teens Cause Trouble In Portsmouth

17 August 2011, 13:20 | Updated: 17 August 2011, 17:23

Six people have been arrested after a house party in Portsmouth went massively out of control.

Police were first called at around 10.20pm to reports of a house party in Margate Road. They then had another call saying a group of around 50 youths were in the street, with around ten of them said to be fighting.

When they got there officers found a big party taking place and up to 100 teenagers, many of whom had been drinking.

As more police arrived they formed a line around the teenagers to move them out of the house and down Margate Road.

Some of the party-goers then started throwing bottles at the police and it was then being treated as a public order incident, with more officers, including some from the Force Support Unit, brought in.

The group moved towards Victoria Road North and cordons were put in place at the junction of Winston Churchill Avenue and Fratton Road to try and contain the disturbance and minimise disruption to traffic and passers by.

Police tell Heart the crowd had been dispersed within an hour and the incident was over. Six people were arrested for either public order offences, being drunk and disorderly or causing criminal damage.

Police say they're keen to reassure people that it appears to be an isolated incident stemming from a house party and isn't related to the riots in other parts of the country.