11 Year Old Killed In 15ft Cliff Fall

12 August 2010, 10:02 | Updated: 12 August 2010, 10:47

An 11 year old girl from Hampshire has died after falling 15 ft from a cliff.

It happened on a beach at Perranporth in Cornwall at around 1.15pm yesterday afternoon. She was there on holiday there with her family, who are thought to live near Andover.

Police said they think the girl slipped through a gap in the cliff and fell into a water-filled cave.

RNLI lifeguards tried to help her, but she later died in hospital.

Falmouth Coastguard Neil Oliver, said:

“This is a very tragic incident that has occurred. We would remind all, that cliffs can be dangerous and we would ask parents to ensure that their children are not placing themselves at risk.”

He added: “Our sympathies are extended to this family at this very difficult time.”


Police aren’t treating the girl’s death as suspicious.