23 Year Old Millionaire After Lotto Win!

A young plasterer from Winchester is busy planning a few new purchases since becoming an instant millionaire thanks to a lucky last minute Scratchcard purchase.

23 year old Steven Clements had bought a Scratchcard on his way home from work on Tuesday 12th July 2011 and was with a few mates when he discovered he had become a millionaire.

A stunned and happy Steven said of his win:

“My mate was joking that I’d never win anything but I’ve been lucky before so think it’s worth a go. When I saw the card, I had to get him to check that I really was a millionaire! After that we were all shouting and leaping, I don’t think any of us really believed what was happening. My uncle was at my house when I won but it took a phone call from him and Nan to convince my mum that I wasn’t winding her up about the win!”

Steven, who has been working for CB Plastering since he left school seven years ago, is still coming to terms with the win, but with a strong work ethic, he hasn’t missed a day of work, despite being a 23 year-old millionaire! He said:

 “It was pretty funny working with my boss Cliff after the win  - it’s not often the employee has more in the bank than the employer! Cliff asked if I wanted to go into partnership with him and I might just consider that but first on my list is a new car, probably an Audi – if I can get insurance on it!”

Steven says he wants to buy an audi and a house

Although becoming a millionaire is still sinking in, Steven has had a few thoughts on purchases he will be making in addition to the Audi and a possible share in CB Plastering. His own home in Winchester, an all-expenses paid holiday for mum and a motorbike for his younger brother are all on the list. And those mates who joked he’d never win? They might want to be a bit nicer to their millionaire mate who is thinking that the planned boys trip to Magaluf might get an upgrade at his expense.

Steven's now a millionaire

Winchester born and bred, Steven is proud of his hometown and has no plans to leave the area but he is aware of the life-changing opportunities the win has given him, commenting:

“It’s amazing to suddenly have so many options. When I was working the other day I started thinking that I could take up a new sport, so with Wimbledon being on the telly recently I might have a few tennis lessons. And I’d never really thought about going travelling to see the world, but now I may add that to the list too.”

Steven bought his Millionaire Maker Scratchcard at his local shop, the One Stop on Garbett Road in Winchester.  The card costs £5 and there is a 1 in 3.84 overall chance of winning a prize on each ticket.

Lottery Scratchcard