Massive Amount Of Fake Goods In Southampton

Borders officials say they found massive amount of fake UGG Boots on a ship in Southampton - the biggest such find in Europe.

A massive amount of fake goods have flooded the market in the UK.

In the past year, £1.3billion worth of counterfeit items such as designer clothes and electrical equipment have been smuggled into the country.

Back in August, 45,000 pairs of fake UGG Boots were found in container freight in Southampton. Border officials say it's the biggest seizure of its kind in Europe.

Other things like iPads, toys and hair straighteners are being smuggled in as well.

At Coventry International Postal Hub 13,000 items valued at approximately £14.5 million were intercepted. The vast majority of these were bought online and shipped to the UK from abroad.

At the Port of Dover a consignment of fake Disney, Hello Kitty, Thomas the Tank Engine and other toys worth around £50,000 were seized in October.

GHD hair straighteners worth more than £310,000 were seized at Manchester International Airport in November leading to the arrest of two men.

At Heathrow Airport 1,100 seizures were made of items valued at around £10 million in the first eight months of 2011/12 - the same number of seizures as in the whole of 2010/11.

A month-long operation in June led to the seizure of 15,000 items of counterfeit designer clothing at Stansted Airport.

In the run up to Christmas we're now being warned to look out for these fake goods, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.