7 Injured By Exploding Coffee Machine

Seven people suffered minor injuries when the Elektra machine exploded at the shop in Kingsmead Shopping Centre, Farnborough, Hampshire. The casualties included customers and staff.

The company said a ruptured pipe in the machine caused the explosion.

"We have started a full investigation on site with our own and independent safety experts, and those of the supplier of the coffee machine, together with our maintenance contractor,'' a spokeswoman said.

"As a precautionary measure all the coffee machines of this type in our cafes and restaurants will remain out of service until this investigation is complete.''

About 158 shops have the machine, but the spokeswoman added:

"We have many other stores with different types of coffee machines and they are still in operation.''

One of those taken to hospital yesterday was a 23-year-old woman with head, arm and eye injuries.

Rushmoor Borough Council is investigating what happened.