Arrest in Joanna Yeates Murder Case

A 65-year-old man's been arrested in Bristol on suspicion of murdering landscape architect Joanna Yeates, who was originally from Ampfield near Romsey.

At just after 7am this morning police attended an address in Canynge Road and arrested a 65-year-old man on suspicion of murder.

He has been taken into custody at a police station within the Avon and Somerset force area and detained for questioning.

It comes a day after police released new CCTV footage of Joanna in a Bargain Booze shop on her way home from drinks with friends on Friday December 17th:

This is how events unfolded in the disappearance of 25-year-old landscape architect Joanna Yeates from Bristol:

:: December 17

6pm: Miss Yeates, 25, leaves the architectural firm where she worked with boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, and joins colleagues in the Ram pub in Park Street for a drink.

8pm: She leaves the Ram to walk the 20-minute journey home from the city centre to Clifton.

8.10pm: Miss Yeates is caught on CCTV popping into a Waitrose supermarket in the Clifton Triangle.

8.30pm: She uses her mobile phone to ring her best friend Rebecca Scott and arranges to meet on Christmas Eve.

8.40pm: At a Tesco Express on Regent Street in Clifton Village - about a quarter of a mile from her flat - Miss Yeates buys a pizza, which is missing. She then visits a nearby off-licence to pick up some cider.

Police believe she returned home to her flat in Canynge Road, which she shared with Mr Reardon. A receipt from Tesco was found in the flat, along with a cream-coloured coat she had been wearing and her mobile phone and keys.

:: December 19

Mr Reardon reports Miss Yeates missing when he returns to Bristol from a weekend away visiting relatives in Sheffield.

:: December 20

Avon and Somerset Police make their first appeal for information over Miss Yeates's disappearance. Officers say they are concerned for her safety because it was out of character.

:: December 21

Miss Yeates's parents, David and Theresa, make their first tearful appeal for information at a police press conference in Bristol.

Appealing directly to their daughter, they say:

"Jo, whatever the reason that you have not been in touch over the last few days, we want you to know that we love you dearly and are desperate to know that you are safe and well.

"Please get in touch as soon as possible. Either to the police or anyone who can confirm you are OK.''

:: December 22

Mr Reardon speaks of his distress at the disappearance of his girlfriend.

"I desperately want her back - I thought we would be together forever,'' he said from Miss Yeates's parents' home in Ampfield, Hampshire.

"She was my future. This Christmas was going to be our first together. I was going to spend it with her family, which is always a big deal for a boyfriend.

"We were both really happy in our jobs - we worked together and that's how we met.''

Specialist officers search the couple's flat, as well as the snowy Bristol Downs and Avon Gorge.

They also take a phone and laptop computer from Mr Reardon as part of the inquiry.

:: December 23

Miss Yeates's parents make a second tearful appeal and reveal their fears that their daughter has been abducted.
Mr Yeates begged her potential kidnapper:

"If she's dead, please tell somebody where she is.

"I think she was abducted after getting home to her flat. I have no idea of the circumstances of the abduction because of what was left behind.

"I feel sure she would not have gone out by herself leaving all these things behind and she was taken away somewhere.''

Detectives say that when Miss Yeates was in the Tesco Express she bought a Tesco Finest tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto pizza. There was no trace of the pizza, the wrapping or the box in her flat.

 :: December 24

Police release new CCTV footage showing Miss Yeates buying the pizza in the Tesco Express on the night she was last seen.

A spokesman says: "The video has been released by detectives hoping people in the area at the time will remember seeing Joanna and contact the police.''

:: December 25

9am: A couple walking their dogs in the Failand area of North Somerset, three miles from where Miss Yeates went missing, find a body.

Her father tells a newspaper:

"Of course we don't know for sure that it's her but we assume that it is.

"Nobody else has been reported missing and it's the body of a young girl close to where Jo disappeared. It hasn't been a Christmas for us. I don't know what it's been. It's been surreal, totally unreal. We're just waiting now for the police to tell us what we suspect."

:: December 26

Police announce they are "satisfied'' that the body found is that of Miss Yeates.

:: December 27

 The family of Miss Yeates visit the spot where her body was found. They lay a bouquet of flowers at the scene.

:: December 28

Police announce that Miss Yeates died as a result of strangulation. Avon and Somerset Police say the death is now officially being treated as a murder investigation.

Her father tells the Southern Daily Echo that he is "relieved'' to be reunited with his daughter's body.

:: December 29

It is reported that Miss Yeates's landlord Chris Jefferies saw her leave her flat with two people on the night she disappeared.

He later denies the sighting.

"It is a serious distortion of what I said to the police and I have no further comment to make as that, no doubt, will be distorted,'' he said.

He had earlier told Sky News: "I definitely cannot say that I saw Joanna Yeates that evening. No.''

But neighbour Liz Lowman insists Mr Jefferies told her three people came out of a communal entrance to the mansion house.

Police reveal new CCTV footage of the Miss Yeates buying cider at an off-licence on the night she goes missing.

:: December 30

Police arrest Mr Jefferies at his flat at 7am on suspicion of murdering Joanna Yeates. He is taken to a police station for questioning.

Forensic officers in white overalls are seen going in and out of number 44, where Miss Yeates and Mr Jefferies lived.

A silver Chrysler is removed by police from the road outside the property.