Arrests At Protest Outside Portsmouth Mosque

Four people have been arrested following a protest outside a Mosque in Portsmouth.

Hampshire Police say a demonstration took place on Saturday 25th May outside the Jami Mosque in Victoria Road North in Southsea.

A 15-year-old was among those being held, on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offence, using offensive language. A man had earlier been detained on suspicion of the same offence.

A 24-year-old local man was arrested for a minor assualt following a scuffle in Fratton Road, and a fourth man was arrested for refusing to leave Park Tavern when police issued a dispersal order.

Officers say the protest was 'low key and passed peacefully', and that officers were on patrol as usual on Saturday night across the city.

Police also say rumours of a fire relating to the protest are not true. There was a fire but it was caused by an electrical fault in cabling underground in Fratton Road.