Attempted Robbery In Eastleigh

Detectives are looking for four men who tried to rob a man in Eastleigh.

They surrounded the man, who's in his 40s at the very end of Beaulieu Road as he walked towards the railway bridge that leads to Archers Road at 8.30pm on Saturday, December 8.

Two of the men were on bikes and the other two walking and carrying two large crates of Stella beer. One smashed a bottle and held it to the victim's throat and threatened him demanding cash.

When they realised the victim had virtually no money on him they let him go and he quickly walked away.

It's believed the men then approached a second man who was carrying shopping bags and threatened him but he managed to run away.

Officers are keen to trace the second victim who has not reported the incident to police yet or any other witnesses who may have seen what happened or saw the men in the area before or after the incident.

They are described as:

Man 1: (Who was the man with the bottle) White, aged about 20, medium build, about 6ft tall and wearing a blue jacket. He was initially holding a crate of Stella in his right hand.

Man 2: On a bike, white and aged around 19 and about 5ft 9 inches tall. He was of medium build and wearing dark clothing which were possibly jeans and a jacket.

Man 3: White, approx 6ft tall and on a bike, medium build, wearing dark clothing.

Man 4: White, around 6ft tall, wearing dark clothing, medium build and again aged around 20. He was also carrying a crate of Stella beer.

Any witnesses or anyone with information about the crimes or the man who is believed to be the second victim are asked to call Detective Constable Sue Hampton at Eastleigh CID on 101. Alternatively they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.