Baby's Brain Kept In Hospital Jar

A Dorset mum - whose baby boy died 13 years ago - has just been told that his brain has been found in a hospital jar.

Julie Middleton, from Poole, had no idea that during a post mortem at Southampton General Hospital that they'd removed his entire brain. She thought they'd just take a tissue sample.

Dorset Police and the coroner asked for it to be taken out so they could work out how he died.

The brain's been found as part of an audit looking into post mortem samples that have been kept.

In a statement, Dorset Police said:

"We know that this is incredibly difficult for the family and friends of those people whose tissue (organs) we have identified and we are providing all the support we can to help them at this difficult time. Specially trained Family Liaison Officers have personally visited families to explain the circumstances and give guidance about what this means for them.

"When a suspicious death occurs we have to take every step possible to establish the cause; sometimes further analysis of tissue is also important in the ensuing criminal investigation to identify evidence that will help to bring the offender to justice; examination by experts such as neuropathologists to establish cause of death, and defence counsel can take a long time. In such cases evidence may also have to be preserved for extended periods of time so that it is available in the event of an appeal or a legal challenge."