Cordon Lifted At Winchester Crown Court

A cordon around Winchester Crown Court has been lifted - it was put in place after police received a telephone call in relation to a bomb threat on Monday afternoon.

Specialist military and police officers were finalising their searches of the court buildings on Monday evening.  
Chief Inspector James Fulton, said:

"We received a specific bomb threat against both Winchester Crown Court and having assessed the detail of the communication and target, it was deemed nesccecary to complete a full evacuation. 

"The evacuation and cordons ensured public safety.
"Winchester's full emergency plan was implemented, bringing together agencies from across the City.
"I would like to thank the community and businesses for their patience and cooperation while we responded to this security threat. 

"Given the extremely rare nature of such a specific threat the policing response, though clearly impactive to the community, was proportionate to the potential threat posed.  
"Fortunately no devices have been found.  Enquiries are ongoing to establish the source of the call."