Boy Left Brain Damaged Gets Compensation

A boy left brain damaged after a bowel condition was not properly treated is to receive compensation worth £5.8 million.

Because of the failure to recognise Perry Evans's problem at Southampton General Hospital, weeks after his birth in 2002, his gut ruptured and he now has severe cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

He has to be fed by tube and has a very limited vocabulary. 

Registered blind, he can sit and stand with assistance but cannot walk or manipulate objects with his hands. 

His counsel, Dr Simon Taylor QC, told Judge Mitchell at London's High Court today that, despite his problems, 10-year-old Perry was a very chirpy boy. 

He is totally dependent on his family at home in Portsmouth and their care has resulted in him making considerable progress, particularly in communication. 

The judge approved the award against Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust - which apologised for the inadequacies in Perry's care - and wished the family well. 

The settlement means Perry will receive a £2.15 million lump sum to buy suitable accommodation plus annual payments rising to £240,000. 

Solicitor Sue Jarvis of Blake Lapthorn said: "I am pleased that the money will mean his family will be able to secure the professional assistance that Perry will need for the rest of his life."