Giant Pumpkin Misses Out On World Record

A giant pumpkin failed to become a world-beater on Saturday when it weighed in more than 200lb (90kg) short of the target.

The vegetable, which is the size of a small car, beat the British record when it was put on the scales, reaching 1,504lb (682kg), but it could not reach the world record weight of 1,725lb (782kg) set by a US pumpkin or the European record.

Twin brothers Ian and Stuart Paton, 49, reared the monster at their nursery in Lymington, Hampshire.

They had said earlier this week that the vegetable was likely to be bigger than it actually turned out to be.

The vegetable, which had a 17ft (5.2m) waist, was put on a weighing lorry at the Jubilee Sailing Trust Pumpkin Festival at the Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley, Hants.

By failing to beat the record, the twins missed out on a £10,000 prize. But as a consolation they pocketed £1,000 for the British record.