Burglar In Lee On Solent Bedroom

A couple have woken up in Lee On Solent - to find a burglar standing in their bedroom using a mobile phone as a torch, looking for things to steal.

Someone entered the property via the enclosed rear garden and gained entry through the patio doors, a tidy search of the downstairs conducted, the only thing moved was a chair in the kitchen which was tipped over.

The occupants (a couple) were asleep upstairs when the woman woke to see someone in the bedroom using a mobile phone as a torch to search the top of the chest of drawers. She screamed and the figure left, exit believed as entry. The figure was not persued and no direction of travel known, a pile of small change was located on the path to the rear of the property a few metres from the gate.

He stole a money box containing loose change.

PC Suzanne Howard from the Gosport Priority Crime team said:

"Incidents like this are very rare but it was obviously very disturbing for the householders to wake and find an intruder in their bedroom.

"This occurred in the early hours of the morning when Lee on Solent would have been very quiet, but it is possible that there are witnesses who may have seen someone acting suspiciously in the area.

"I would ask anyone who thinks they may have seen something out of the ordinary to contact us with any information they have.

"Any burglary also serves as a reminder to people to ensure they lock their doors and windows securely when they are out and overnight."