Chichester Floods A 'Once In 200 Years' Event

A West Sussex County Council report into severe flooding in Chichester and Bognor in June says it was a 'once in 200 years' event.

They've found drains were overwhelmed by the amount of water, after torrential rain from April to June.

The Council say since then, more than 200 drainage improvements have been carried out, and 174 drains have been jetted.

The report found one problem was the number of different owners of drainage systems. They're now creating a register of who all the owners are, so they can tell whose job it is to do repairs and improvements. They also want to set up local flood watch groups.

County Council Leader Louise Goldsmith said they want to learn lessons from what happened:

''We can't protect people from these freak weather incidents which seem to happen more often, but we can make sure the systems are strong and we need to help pople to know what to do in those circumstances.''