Cosham Police Station Front Desk Closure

Hampshire Constabulary has announced the early closure of the front office at Cosham police station, from today - Sunday February 19, 2012.

The building will remain as an active 24 hour police station, with the officers and staff working there still providing local policing as normal. 
The announcement follows a ten month review process which included public consultation, examining the number of visitors to front offices across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and exploring the appetite for alternative police contact. 
Cosham was due to close on March 16 but this has been brought forward as voluntary staff reductions and redeployments have taken place sooner than first anticipated.  
Chief Inspector Richard Taylor, said: “We are fully aware that some people may be concerned about the early closure of this front office, however, it is important to remember we are not leaving.  We will still be providing an active presence in our community,and with our officers using mobile technology, such as smart phones and laptops, they can do more work while out in our neighbourhoods, instead of having to spend too long in the office.
“There are a range of other contact methods available for those people who may have previously visited Cosham police station. The 101 number can be used for anything that is not an emergency; from reporting a crime to contacting a police officer and schedulinga visit, from asking advice, finding the date of your next local beat surgery, to reporting suspicious activity or a local concern. People can also visit our force website at, emailus, our Facebook and Twitter pages, or make a visit to Portsmouth Central police station. As usual, in an emergency dial 999.”