Couple Sue Resort Over Food Poisoning

A Hampshire couple are suing a luxury holiday resort after the groom fell ill with ''severe'' food poisoning which they say ruined their honeymoon and is still causing him to suffer symptoms more than two years later.

Andrew and Laura Meldrum, from Gosport had expected their two-week stay at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort in Jamaica to be a holiday of a lifetime.

But Mr Meldrum contracted salmonella causing him severe sickness and diarrhoea which he says left him in serious pain and discomfort during the stay in October 2010.

Now the couple have issued court proceedings against the tour operator seeking compensation.

Specialist travel lawyer Suki Chhokar, from Irwin Mitchell solicitors, said: ''This was meant to be a relaxing, luxurious honeymoon but instead Andrew was left severely ill and needed treatment by a doctor who visited him at the resort.

''He continues to suffer gastric illness to this day which proves difficult when he needs to spend long periods away from home for his job as a motorway maintenance worker and the couple understandably want justice to be able to move forward with their lives.

''Unfortunately Thomas Cook has refused to admit responsibility for what happened and we have now been left with no choice but to forward papers to court to launch court proceedings to move the case forward.''

Mr Meldrum, 29, said: ''We had looked forward to our honeymoon for months and booked this break because we expected a top-quality resort that would be the perfect start to married life. We thought it would be a holiday of a lifetime.

''But we were very disappointed with the food from the start as some of it was often lukewarm, some of the meat wasn't cooked through and some dishes were recycled from previous mealtimes - it was terrible.

''I became ill very quickly and couldn't keep much food or fluids down.

''It was horrendous and I was devastated to have to spend time on my honeymoon bedridden seriously ill rather than with Laura.

''She was obviously very concerned and it ruined her holiday too as she wanted to be by my side to check I was okay.

''When I was told I had salmonella I was so angry, but what makes it even worse is the fact I still suffer terrible gastric symptoms now and it's unlikely things will improve.

''I've got a permanent reminder of the honeymoon for all the wrong reasons.

''We can't begin to move forward with our lives until the tour operator admits responsibility for what happened.''

Mr Chhokar added: ''The couple have been through more than enough and we are disappointed that the tour operator has not worked with us to resolve the matter quickly and fairly.

''We hope that by issuing court proceedings this will swiftly conclude the couple's legal battle for justice.''