Deer Rescued From Dock Gate 4

A deer's been rescued after getting trapped in the grounds of Dock Gate 4 at Eastern Docks in Southampton.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service was alerted by the Port Authority security at 0649 Wednesday 11 May 2011.

Animal Rescue Specialist Jim Green said:

"The Port Authorities came across a deer that had become trapped in a compound. After unsuccessfully attempting to chase it out they contacted us for assistance. Meanwhile, the deer was startled by workers arriving at the dock and it jumped approximately 20ft into Southampton Water. We observed the deer swimming towards Western shore. However, the incoming tide caused the deer to drift back across the water way towards Ocean Village where it climbed up onto a ledge running along the waterside underneath the decking. The Harbour Master kindly offered assistance and took myself and RSPCA Inspector Mick Garrity by boat towards the stricken deer which was by now running along the ledge. Duty Dock Master Mr Gayton from Ocean Village assisted in a smaller vessel which enabled Inspector Garrity to access the ledge and encourage the deer to jump back into the water. We then used two boats in a 'pincer' movement to contain the animal which enabled us to restrain him using animal capture poles."

 Deer spotted taking a dip...

Jim Green advises:

''Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service reminds the public that any animal, small or large, that is trapped or in distress can be potentially dangerous. It is extremely important to stay quiet in the vicinity of a wild animal that has become trapped to give it the best possible chance of survival. I urge members of the public to request the immediate assistance of specialists to rescue the animal, rather than attempting to do so themselves."

Back on dry land the roe deer was given the once over by the RSPCA and the unharmed animal was successfully released back into the New Forest after his ordeal.