Deer Rescued From Frozen Pond In Fareham

Firecrews have rescued a deer which got trapped in the middle of a frozen pond in Fareham.

They were called just before 8.00 this morning about the fallow deer which was stuck in the centre of the pond measuring around 10 meters by 15 meters in Boarhunt Road.

An Animal Rescue Specialist along with crews from Fareham and Havant including the Multi Role Vehicle were sent to the scene, along with an RSPCA inspector.

Buster Brown, Animal Rescue Specialist said,

“On my arrival I noticed that the deer appeared to have exhausted its self whilst trying to escape and was now stuck in the middle of the pond on the ice.”

Two Ice Rescue paths were inflated and pushed out  towards the deer, then Buster Brown and two crew members from Fareham made their way towards it on the paths.

Buster was then able to use a crook to grasp the deer's neck then a towel was placed over the animals head to stop it from panicking.  Buster then got hold of the animal and was helped back to the bank by the crew.

The deer was then handed to the RSPCA inspector and was placed into a small barn in an attempt to warm it up, but due to the freezing temperatures it was decided that the deer should be taken to an RSPCA centre (The Ark in Stubbington) for observations.  Once the deer recovers, the RSPCA will return it close to the farm and release it to the wild.

Buster Brown added,

“The animal was recovered using the same techniques that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service  would use to rescue people who might become trapped on ice, and this rescue provided a excellent opportunity for crews to utilise and practice, the procedures.”

Control room operators received many calls from worried drivers who noticed the animal which was in distress.

Members of public are reminded that they should not venture onto any ice covered water during these cold conditions to rescue any animals, as this action would place themselves in great danger. Call the fire service who have the correct protective equipment and procedures to rescue people and animals.

rescued deer 3

rescued deer 2

rescued deer