Doctors Take Industrial Action

The NHS in Hampshire is reassuring people that anyone needing urgent care today (Thursday 21st June) will continue to receive it.

Members of the British Medical Association (BMA) are taking industrial action over changes to their pension scheme.

This affects not just GPs, but doctors working in hospitals and other healthcare settings. 

But the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Primary Care Trust Cluster, says all emergency and urgent care will continue to be provided. 

Medical Director for the Cluster, Dr Stuart Ward, said: "The public may be concerned about what the BMA action will mean for them. 

"All GP surgeries will remain open, and if you need urgent clinical attention then you will receive it. Patient safety remains the over-riding priority, and this has been explicitly stated by the BMA. 

"If your need to see a GP is not urgent, then some patients may need to wait until Friday or perhaps next week. 

"Care which is not urgent - including many routine operations - is likely to be postponed to another day, but will not be cancelled altogether. If care cannot be postponed safely, it will not be postponed at all.

"Emergency Departments remain available for appropriate cases - ie for genuine emergencies requiring immediate medical attention, such as severe blood loss, chest pain, difficulty breathing or loss of consciousness. Please do not use it as an alternative to visiting your GP - at any time, but particularly on 21 June."

You can always contact NHS Direct at or call 0845 4647.

For more information on why the BMA is taking this action, visit