Dog Found Abandoned In 'Terrible Condition'

The RSPCA's trying to find out who abandoned a dog in a terrible condition outside a vet's surgery in Portsmouth.

The nine year old German Shepherd was found tied up outside a Portsmouth veterinary surgery on Wednesday night (22nd May).

The black and tan male dog has lost all his hair along his spine , tail and hind legs. His skin is reddened and inflamed and he has two big red rings of bare skin around his eyes, as well as hair loss on his ears.

RSPCA inspector Jenny Ride said:

“This poor dog is in a terrible condition.

“It was clear his skin is very irritated because he was scratching constantly and made his face bleed.

“There was a note attached to his lead telling us the dogs name, which is Boz, and saying that his owner had had him from a puppy but he now had mental problems and was homeless and could not cope anymore.“

Boz has been taken to an RSPCA animal centre where he is receiving the veterinary supervision and care that he urgently needs.

Anyone with any more information about Boz is asked to call the RSPCA inspector information line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for Inspector Ride.