Drugs Gang Jailed Over Portsmouth Plot

23 October 2013, 16:20 | Updated: 23 October 2013, 16:27

Three men and a woman who plotted to supply nearly 440-thousand pounds worth of cocaine around Portsmouth have been jailed.

They were given lengthy prison sentences for their links with an Albanian organised crime group, which attempted to infiltrate the city.
Three kilos of cocaine with a total street value of nearly £437,000 was seized during the investigation, which was led by the Hampshire Major Investigation Team, dealing with serious and organised crime.
Defendants and their sentences:
Jay Perry Connor, aged 35, of Main Road, Birdham, Chichester, West Sussex, was sentenced to eight years.
Spencer Stent, aged 31, of Summersdale Road, Chichester, West Sussex, was sentenced to four years eight months.
Amanda Pennington, aged 47, of South Parade, Southsea, Hampshire, was sentenced to four years six months.
Brian John Philpott, aged 53, was sentenced to two years eight months.

Now the gang has been jailed, police have revealed the key points of their investigation to bring them to justice.

May 30, 2012
A member of an Albanian organised crime group delivered a package to two people in the Tangiers Road area of Portsmouth.
Amanda Pennington was driving a black Vauxhall Zafira, with a passenger.
Hampshire officers followed the vehicle and stopped the passenger as he left the vehicle.
The passenger was found carrying two kilos of cocaine, which were wrapped in black socks.
July 18, 2012
Another member of an Albanian organised crime group met Brian Philpott in a car park on Dundas Lane in Portsmouth and handed over a package.
Hampshire officers then followed Mr Philpott to an address in Milton Road where he was seen to deposit a yellow builders’ bucket into a garage.
Mr Philpott was arrested and the garage searched.
A one-kilo block of cocaine wrapped in a sock was found in the bucket.
Further evidence of cocaine preparation was discovered in the garage. This included:
A microwave bag containing 112 grams of cocaine and a second microwave bag containing 243 grams of cocaine.
A clear bag containing 50.8 grams of cocaine and a carrier bag containing 716 grams of benzocaine, which is a cutting agent.
After the exchange was made, the Hampshire Major Investigation Team followed the Albanian crime group member. He was seen to meet Spencer Stent who handed over a shoebox, which was believed to contain cash.
Gathering evidence against Spencer Stent and Jay Connor:
Acting Detective Sergeant David Bone of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team said:
“As a result of the arrests of Philpott and Pennington, it was established that this group was using pay-as-you-go mobile phones to conduct their criminality.
“Detailed examination of these phones found there were other, as yet unidentified, suspects orchestrating the conspiracy.
“Further enquiries involved analysis of CCTV and mobile phone cell sites. This led us to identify the other suspects as Jay Connor and Spencer Stent.
“The evidence obtained showed Jay Connor was in direct contact with the Albanians, Philpott and Pennington on May 30, 2012.
"Connor also directed Spencer Stent’s actions on July 18, 2012.”
Evidence supplied by the Serious and Organised Crime Directorate:
Acting Detective Sergeant David Bone of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team added:
“Colleagues gathered surveillance evidence of Jay Connor meeting Albanian organised crime group members in Richmond in May 2012.
“They also obtained surveillance evidence of Connor meeting other organised crime group members in Chiswick in May 2012.
“Spencer Stent was seen on CCTV in August 2012, meeting an organised crime group member in Richmond.”
Acting Detective Sergeant David Bone of the Hampshire Major Investigation Team said:
“The persistent and painstaking work of Hampshire’s specialist detectives has made a difference in delivering justice at court today (Monday Oct 23rd).
"Our work is unrelenting in removing criminals, particularly those who are predators targeting and trapping vulnerable people in the cycle of addiction.
“Four criminals have been prevented from causing further harm to the community.
“This case shows we have effective techniques to catch criminals in the act of attempting to exploit a potential illegal drugs market in Portsmouth.
“Hampshire Constabulary would like to thank the Metropolitan Police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), and all members of the public who provided invaluable support to this investigation.”