Ex I'm A Celeb Contestant On Trial

Former I'm A Celebrity contestant Aggro Santos carried out serious sex assaults on two girls, one aged just 16, when he took them back to his hotel room after performing at gigs, a court has heard.

The 23-year-old Brazilian-born rapper is accused of forcing one of the victims to have sex with him after he performed at the opening of Club Soho in Yeovil, Somerset, on September 25 2010.

He is then accused of raping a 16-year-old girl last year after the University of Chichester summer ball while friend and co-defendant Tyrelle Ritchie forced her to perform a sex act on him.

Chichester Crown Court was told that in the Yeovil incident the victim and a friend had gone to the club opening to see Santos perform.

Afterwards, as they waited in the car park, the victim asked Santos, who was in a 4x4 type car, for his photograph on behalf of her friend who was ''obsessed by him''.

In a video-taped interview shown to the jury, the victim, in her 20s, said:

''I shouted 'Aggro, here let's have a picture'.

''He said 'Do you want better? Jump on in'.

''There were other girls but he asked us, so we did.''

She described how they went back to the Yeovil Court Hotel where she had consensual sex with Santos's manager while her friend went to another room with the rapper.

She said that a few minutes later the pair returned and Santos tried to initiate sex with her.

She said: ''He got up, I thought he was just being a boy, really immature.

''I thought he was just being an idiot, at first I was just laughing at him.''

Having described the star as well-endowed, she added: ''I started mocking him. I said 'Does it **** you off that your manager gets more female attention than you do?'.''

She said he then swore at her before pushing her on to the bed and assaulting her in front of the friend and manager.

She said:

''I just went crazy and managed to get him off me and wanted to get out of the room.

''He got in front of me, I said he was sick.

''He kept repeating 'I have been blessed, I have been blessed by Jesus'.''

She added: ''At that point I was really scared, I realised how powerful he was.''

In the second incident, which happened in Chichester, West Sussex, on May 7 last year, Santos had performed at the university's summer ball when his crew invited the victim, her sister, who was a student at the university, and two friends to a backstage room for drinks.

Isobel Ascherson, prosecuting, said the group were then invited to an after-show party at the Ship Hotel and they agreed to go.

Miss Ascherson said the 16-year-old then had consensual sex with Santos in his hotel bathroom while her sister had consensual sex with 21-year-old Ritchie in another room.

She said the victim then accused Santos of forcing her to have sex for a second time at the same time as Ritchie forced her to perform a sex act on him.

Miss Ascherson said the girl managed to escape from the pair and she was found in ''a state of extreme distress'' by her sister.

She said the sister went back into the hotel and confronted the defendants, causing a commotion which led to the police being called and Santos being arrested.

Miss Ascherson said the victim of the Yeovil incident only reported the allegation there after she read reports that Santos had been arrested for rape following the Chichester incident.

She said: ''She felt guilty she hadn't reported it before and came forward.''

Miss Ascherson said all of the girls involved in the two incidents had consumed ''considerable'' amounts of alcohol on the nights concerned.

She said Santos denied there was any sexual contact with the victim in Yeovil and said the girl in the Chichester incident initiated the sexual activity with him and Ritchie.

She added that Ritchie told police that the 16-year-old had consensually performed a sex act on him.

Santos, who is charged under his real name Yuri Santos, of Bickersteth Road, Tooting, south west London, denies two counts of rape.

Ritchie, of Vauxhall Street, Lambeth, south east London, denies one count of oral rape.

Santos's debut single, Candy, featuring former Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt, shot to number five in the UK charts in 2010.

But he became more popularly known by his appearance in the 2010 series of ITV's reality game show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in which he reached the final six.