Farmer Shoots Dogs After Sheep Attack

Dog owners warned to keep pets under control after farmer legally shoot dogs for worrying sheep in New Forest.

Police are warning dog owners to ensure they keep their animals under control in the countryside after two dogs were shot dead as a result of attacking and worrying a flock of sheep.

A Collie Cross and a Setter were found worrying the flock at Minstead Manor Farm. 

Five sheep were attacked by the dogs. Two of the sheep had to be destroyed by a vet and the other three underwent a course of treatment for their injuries. 

There were over sixty sheep in the field at the time of the incident, all of which were in lamb. 

The farmer attempted to scare the dogs off with a warning shot. When that failed he had to shoot the dogs to stop them attacking his animals. Legislation allows farmers, keepers and land managers to carry out such action to protect their livestock. 

The owner of the dogs was interviewed by Police, accepted full responsibility for what happened and has paid the farmer £855 in compensation. No further action will be taken against him. 

Country Watch Sergeant, Louise Hubble stated “This is a tragic case in which there are no winners. Dog owners need to act responsibly at all times and ensure that their dogs are under control. 

"This case involved two pet dogs who were not bred or trained for hunting but displayed natural behaviour when the opportunity was provided. 

"The dog owner has not only had to pay a financial penalty, but has also paid the ultimate penalty with the death of his two pet dogs.”