Farnborough Air Show Gets Underway

19 July 2010, 09:35 | Updated: 19 July 2010, 10:16

Thousands of people are expected at the show over the next few days.

A glimpse of what flying in the future might be like was provided today by planemaking company Airbus.

The firm produced images of a fantasy-like aircraft which might be the type of plane flying by 2050, or even 2030 if technology continues at a good rate. The lightweight plane includes ultra-long, slim bent-back wings and a U-shaped tail. The images were displayed at the start of the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire today.

Charles Champion, engineering executive vice-president at Airbus, said; "Our concept plane represents an engineer's dream about what an aircraft could look like in the long-term future. "It's not a real aircraft and all the technologies it features, though feasible, are not likely to come together in the same manner. "Here we are stretching our imagination and thinking beyond our usual boundaries. We want to stimulate young people from all over the world to engage with us so that we can continue to share the benefits of air transport while also looking after the environment.''

An Airbus poll of more than 2,240 adults showed that, for the British public under 35, "environmental issues'' were second only to "cost'' as a barrier to flying. Those aged 55 or over ranked ease of getting to the airport, flight duration and comfort as being more important.

The majority of under-35s also looked forward to flying more in the future. More than 40% thought that for every two flights made today, at least three will be made by 2050. As many as 10% expected to fly at least twice as much by 2050 as now.

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