Foster Carers Needed in Southampton

Southampton City Council's told Heart it's desperately short of foster carers.

Nearly 400 children are being looked after in the city, a 21% increase compared to last year, well above the 2010 national average increase of 8%.

This has now resulted in a shortfall of around 40 to 50 carers and has put considerable pressure on to the existing Foster Carers in the city, with increased numbers of placements being made.

The recent financial downturn has put added pressure on to many family units that were already struggling and led to higher number of children coming in to care than normal.

An urgent appeal for new people to come forward from the local area is being made, contact Southampton City Council on free phone 0800 5 19 18 18 or

* Fostering is fully funded, and there are also skills based payments for those who undertake qualifications – which are also paid for by the Council.
* It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, divorced or in a same sex relationship.
* You can be working full time, you’d simply offer weekend respite or whatever days you’re available.
* There’s never any pressure to accept a placement.
* The minimum age is 21 and there is no upper age limit, each person is assessed individually.