Four Abandoned Kittens Rescued

Four kittens are recovering after they were abandoned in Hampshire.

The RSPCA was alerted by a local vets after a client of theirs discovered four kittens in a wicker basket which had been left in a bush near the car park at Heath Pond, Heath Road, Petersfield on Friday 27 May.

All the kittens, which were about seven-weeks-old, were in good body condition. RSPCA inspector Jan Edwards, who is investigating, said:

"The wicker box would have offered no real protection from the elements and was too small to comfortably house the kittens so it is lucky they were found.

"An unwanted animal is not something that people can dump and wash their hands of in this way. When people abandon an animal they are giving up their human decency and breaking the law."

The basket which the kittens were left in, had the remains of straw or hay bedding and a piece of carpet in the bottom so it may of been used to transport a small mammal of some kind before.

The kittens were collected by the RSPCA and were taken to the Blue Cross Animal Centre, in West End Southampton where staff have named the two female kittens Diddy Kong and Koopa and the male kittens DK and Bowser.

Lara Alford, deputy manager of The Blue Cross adoption centre in Southampton, said:

"Thankfully the kittens are all healthy and doing well since arriving at the centre but we would urge owners never to dump their animals.

"When we take in animals abandoned like this, we have no history of their previous care or medical needs, which makes it harder to look after them and find them the right home.

"If someone can no longer care for their pet, for whatever reason, they should call us or another rescue centre for advice."

Anyone with information about these kittens is urged to contact the RSPCA cruelty and information line on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for inspector Jan Edwards. Calls are in confidence.

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